App Connection

This guide walk you through the process of registering a new Application

Registering your application in the Ramp Developer dashboard is the first step of building an integration based on Ramp API.

  • Go to the Ramp Developer setting page and click on Connect New App to register a new application.
  • Provide App Name and App description. and sign the Terms of Service and click Create App
  • Now you are registered a new application. Click into it and configure the following parameters
    • Client ID and Client Secret
      They are used as credentials for your application; you may want to copy them and store them securely.
    • App Name and App Description
    • Grant Types
      A list of grant type that the application may use to get access token.
    • Scopes
      Defines scopes that may be granted to access token.
    • Redirect URIs
      A list of URIs that tell Ramp where to send back the users in the authorization process.

      Note that Redirect URIs must either use https protocol or be in localhost. is valid is invalid
      http://localhost:8000/callback is valid


For Ramp Developer Partners

If you are a Ramp Partner and want to offer your application to other Ramp customers, please contact your Ramp liason and we will help set up your application.